Fly Away Kits

Our fly away kits are designed to go anywhere and as such have been
utilised in some of the most remote environments globally.

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Fly Away Kits

We pride ourselves on meeting the toughest challenges for live production projects all over the world, without compromising on quality or flexibility.

Designed to be quickly deployed from job to job, our fly-away kits are uniquely scalable, capable of covering a small unilateral remote broadcast through to the largest of sporting events.


Pacific Broadcast has developed a unique modular Fly Away Kit design, allowing the onsite build to reduce costs by overcoming various footprint issues that fixed Fly Away Kit designs cannot. The design of our system, allows the main control facility to be split over multiple rooms, buildings or even sites, whilst still achieving seamless position integration.


Pacific Broadcast has developed exclusive solutions to meet the various ad hoc needs of our clients. We work with you to achieve your specific event-by-event based production requirements by using creative technical methods to achieve quality results.

Strong Technical Backbone

Built with advanced technology supporting every broadcast, our Fly Away Kits have the ability to overcome new and exciting challenges brought by our clients in lead up to each and every event.


Our team of technicians have worked tirelessly to create Fly Away Kits that not only meet the technical requirements of our projects, but do so in a timely manner, saving costs and critical pre-production rehearsal time.

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