Pacific Broadcast can deliver you a complete solution by streaming your broadcast to a website or social media.

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Streaming is becoming an essential component in the world of Broadcasting. At Pacific Broadcast, we take the complexity out of developing your own streaming solution by utilising our state of the art on site event encoders and cloud based data and distribution networks, which will deliver your stream in the fastest, most reliable way possible to your end user. Whether your target audience is national or international, Pacific Broadcast has the proven technology to distribute your broadcast globally. Pacific Broadcast has the technology backbone in place to allow for streaming broadcasts from some of the most remote environments around the world, utilising downlinked Satellite signals, Pacific Broadcast has access to data centre based encoders, which can upload your broadcast to the cloud seconds after the live action takes place.

Flexible Encoder Options

Pacific Broadcast has a range of options for streaming your content to the cloud and as a result, your end user. We will always use the best technology to achieve the solution that best meets your project. Whether it be onsite using encoders with a combination of ethernet, WiFi and bonded 4G cellular data networks or data centre based encoders, using satellite downlinked feeds; Pacific Broadcast will find you the best possible solution to achieve the best quality streaming results available.

Scaleable Spend

Streaming through other companies can result in large unrealistic upfront costs to cover the streaming providers uncertainty in the total number of downloads of your stream over the live and possible video on demand services. At Pacific Broadcast, we can match your distribution costs directly to your real audience, meaning you only pay for what your audience uses.

Detailed Analytics

At the end of any given job where Pacific Broadcast has been chosen as your steaming provider, we can present you with a detailed streaming analytical report, which will increase your understanding of how you are reaching your global audience and allow you to better target regions, where you may want to expand your audience in the future.

AWS Media Services and CDN

AWS Media Services is one of the largest Content Delivery Networks in the world. With server farms distributed globally, we trust AWS to serve the video to your global and national clients with stability, redundancy and quality.